Surviving Morgantown Traffic

With thousands of college students back in Morgantown for the start of classes this Fall at West Virginia University, traffic has also returned. We asked several local residents some questions and got their opinions on all things related to traffic in Morgantown. Here is what they said.

Worst areas in the Morgantown area for traffic:

  • “Beechurst Ave.”
  • “Patterson Drive to Star City from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm, especially on Fridays.”
  • “Anywhere on campus around 2:30 pm.”
  • “Mileground from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.”
  • “Star City Bridge up through Beechurst Ave.”
  • “Most roads in Sabraton from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm.”

How they recommend for people to avoid or deal with increased traffic:

  • “If you can get to the Interstate, it is the best way to get around during the school year.”
  • “Know the short cuts and the back roads.”
  • “Know when and where the traffic will be.”
  • “If you can’t avoid the traffic, have some good music in your car and just sit and wait.”

General traffic information: Many accidents occur during traffic and road congestion because of the high stress environment and the flow of traffic in a continual stop and start again cycle. What are some ways that you can cope and stay safe when stuck in a traffic jam?

  • Stay relaxed: Getting frustrated is not going to make the situation any more enjoyable. Things like listening to the radio can help you stay patient and at ease.
  • Stay focused: anything that can take your attention off driving can pose a risk. This is because driving in traffic is unpredictable. You need to be aware of the drivers and pedestrians around you. If you find your self getting distracted, try your best to limit the distraction. Turn off your phone, or turn down the volume on the radio for example.
  • Look for a short cut: Many navigation systems will let you avoid a segment of your commute. If you are in a place where it is safe to program your GPS, try to find an alternate route.
  • Plan ahead: If you know that a particular road or area of town has traffic during a specific time of day, do your best to avoid traveling there. However, if avoiding that area is not an option, give yourself extra time to get there and acknowledge that you may be in traffic on your way. Taking into account that it may take you a few extra minutes can help you stay calm when facing traffic on the road.

No one enjoys traffic, and although people’s commutes around Morgantown may been a little more chaotic for the next couple of months, hopefully the information we got from people around town will be of some help to you. We hope that you get around town safely and quickly during this school year.

by Colombo Law
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