Intoxication Associated with the Sports Season

Football season has officially kicked off throughout the United States. While football is sure to provide months of entertainment and fun for the whole family, there is also an anticipation that there will be a rise in the number of drunk driving incidents that will occur in many communities in West Virginia. The concern in intoxicated driving is not one that applies only to the fans of this sport, but also to the players. Recently, a West Virginia starting guard was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol after he was found in an overturned vehicle from which he suffered minor injuries.

Despite the fact that dangers associated with drunk driving are well known and documented, hundreds of individuals underestimate their intoxication levels and get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle each day placing themselves and others in danger. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or incident involving a drunk driver, contact Colombo Law today.

Determining Liability

When determining liability for injuries associated with a drunk driving accident, the help of an experienced attorney is often invaluable. In many cases, a thorough review of police investigation and reports should occur to determine the cause of the accident, the place where the drinking occurred, and the individual(s) responsible for the accident. The mere fact that you or your loved one was hit by an intoxicated driver does not mean that the driver is the only responsible party. In West Virginia, a driver may be sued individually for the damages he or she caused as well as the insurance company. However, there are other legal avenues to pursue that many do not think of. For instance, an injured party may be entitled to sue the establishment that continued to serve the intoxicated individual despite the signs of intoxication.

While there may be recourse against an establishment, such as a bar, many of our clients ask whether there can be liability against a homeowner for allowing an adult to become intoxicated and subsequently leave the premises. This is a major concern during football season as many are known to host football viewing and Superbowl parties. West Virginia does not recognize social host liability. Therefore, you will not be able to recover from social hosts. Our experienced attorneys are trained to discuss all of the available avenues to allow you or your loved one to decide the best course of action.

Obtain Relief Against Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving accidents are serious and unfortunate encounters that impact the entire family. These devastating accidents take far too many lives each year and injure many others. Our attorneys want to help you and your loved ones rebuild your lives after tragedy strikes. When a tragic accident happens, you need to speak with an experienced attorney at Colombo Law to ensure you obtain the relief you deserve.

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