Any time you have been involved in a car accident it is extremely important to remember to take pictures. These pictures can be extremely useful in court when trying to detail exactly what happened to you. Fortunately you don’t need to be a professional photographer with a high-end camera, all you need is a smartphone.

But what should I photograph? The general rule of thumb is to take photos of anything that you would use in describing what happened to someone else. Then take about a whole lot more. Digital photography is very inexpensive so it is important to error on the side of caution by being as comprehensive as possible. A few examples of what to photograph may include:

  • Damage that has been done to your car as well as to the other car
  • Minor damage (such as scratches) both inside and outside of your car
  • If you have had any, and if possible, photograph your injuries
  • Other parties involved in the crash, including your passengers
  • The license plate numbers or VIN numbers of all cars involved

Luckily almost everyone has a camera at their disposal virtually all of the time. Whether it’s a smartphone, an iPad, or a more traditional camera, the importance of taking pictures cannot be understated. These pieces of often-critical evidence can play an important role in assisting you with getting what you’re owed.

by Colombo Law
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