Circumstances That Impact a Personal Injury Award

Many individuals who suffer from injuries as a result of an accident can find themselves overwhelmed with emotional and financial problems. These victims have no access or limited access to funds due to the loss of employment and are experiencing trying times as they try to juggle whether to rest or push through the pain to meet their daily obligations. At Colombo Law, our attorneys believe injured parties deserve the greatest possible compensation for their injuries. However, there are many factors that may have an impact on the amount of compensation an injured party receives as well as the ability to successfully prove a claim. The following is a list of circumstances that may have an impact on your claim:

Extent of the Injury

The extent of an injury is one of the most important factors in determining the amount of compensation. A serious injury will have a greater probability of recovery as well as a higher settlement offer and/or jury award. This is inevitable because cases in which there is a serious bodily injury will require longer recovery periods, increasing the claim for lost wages, medical expenses, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering. These additional losses have an effect on any personal injury claim. To obtain an estimated amount of recovery, contact Colombo Law today.

Contribution to Your Injury

The state of West Virginia is a modified comparative negligence state. If it is determined that you have contributed to your injury (caused some of your own damages) your award will be reduced to the extent in which you caused your own injury. In addition, if your injury is more than 50% caused by your own fault, your personal injury claim may be barred. This is why it is so important to seek medical care after an injury and follow the advice as instructed by your care provider.

Experienced Representation

Having the knowledge and representation of an experienced attorney is essential for you to maximize your claim for relief. This could mean thousands in additional recovery. The benefits of a firm that practices personal injury law are as follows:

  • Experienced personal injury lawyers know the typical amount of recovery for many injuries. They can better advise you of when a settlement offer should be accepted, given the facts and circumstances of your case.
  • Experienced personal injury lawyers know the right questions to ask that will allow them to gather all of the relevant facts.
  • Experienced personal injury lawyers know that personalized representation is necessary in every case as injuries may be similar between cases but the experiences in every personal injury case are different, requiring specialized attention.

Colombo Law is a personal injury law firm located in Morgantown, West Virginia. Since opening, our firm has helped thousands of personal injury victims recover the maximum amount of compensation possible for their injuries. Our satisfaction comes from successfully representing clients allowing them to rebuild their lives and obtain financial security for the future of their families that will help generations to come. To be a part of a team that thrive on results driven success, contact Colombo Law today.

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