A 26-year-old gas industry worker from Nutter Fort was killed in a truck crash last July. Now his widow says two Colorado companies are to blame, after they forced a work crew to drive almost 200 miles, after a 22-hour work day.

Even though working at the rig can be intense, the greatest danger could be on the road.

Crystal Roth’s husband Timothy died last July, after the truck driver carrying supplies for natural gas drilling fell asleep at the wheel. Roth was a passenger on the truck with a crew that was traveling from a job in Ohio, back to the company shop in Anmoore.

Roth is now suing Energy Services, along with a “chameleon” company that was allegedly formed when the company lost its DOT registration for repeated safety violations. That’s what Roth’s attorney Dino Colombo says is the most important issue in this case.

He says a “chameleon” company is when a business owner starts a new company that looks and acts just like the first company, except the name. That’s how the business was basically able to keep running, even though it had lost its authority to operate 10 months before the accident.

Colombo says if they wouldn’t have kept violating rules and regulations, Roth’s death could have been prevented. One of those violations includes making their employees work for long hours on a regular basis.

In court documents, officials with the two companies deny doing anything wrong. But calls to their attorney for the past two weeks have not been returned.

by Colombo Law
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