In West Virginia, all motorcycle operators and passengers must wear a helmet that is securely fastened to the head by either a neck or chin strap. The helmet must be designed to deflect blows and resist penetration and spread impact forces. The law requires helmets to meet current performance specifications established by federal law, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard Z 90.1 or Snell Safety Standards (Snell) for Protective Headgear for Vehicle Users.

In addition, all motorcycle riders and passengers must wear safety, shatter-resistant eyeglasses, eye goggles, or a face shield that complies with ANSI Standard Z2.1. If a motorcycle is equipped with a windshield or a windscreen, it must comply with the performance specifications established by the Department of Transportation Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 205 and ANSI Safety Glazing Materials for Glazing Motor Vehicles on Land Highways, Standard Z26.1.


Safety Helmet:

Required by law-reflectorization required

State Funded Rider Ed:

Available for all eligible applicants

Eye Protection:

Required by law

Daytime Use of Headlight:

Required by law

Passenger Seat:

Required if carrying a passenger

Passenger Footrest:

Required if carrying a passenger

Passenger Age Restriction:


Helmet Speakers:

No Restrictions

Periodic Safety Inspection:

Required by law

Mirror Left(L) Right(R):

One required by law

Radar Detector:

No Restriction

Turn Signals:

Required by law


No acoustical criteria

Maximum Sound Level:

No acoustical criteria

State Insurance Requirements:

Compulsory Liability (Minimum Limits)(20/40/10)

Handlebar Height:

Maximum of 15″ above seat

Rider-Education Waiver:

Skill & Knowledge Test

Accept Motorcycle Endorsement From Other States:


Motorcycles operating two abreast in same lane:

Not referenced in Administrative Code or Statutes

Lane Splitting:

Not referenced in Administrative Code or Statutes

Lemon Law Coverage:

No; West Virginia (WV) Code – CHAPTER 46A, ARTICLE 6A

Off Road

Safety Helmet

Required under the age of 18

Eye Protection

Not Required

Minimum Operator Age

No Restriction

Rider Education Certification

Required under age 18

Operator License

Not Required


Required after sunset


Required after sunset


Required by law

Maximum Sound Level

No Limit

Spark Arrestor

Required by law


Not Required

Vehicle Title

Required by law

Trails Program

Not Available