West Virginia Natural Gas Explosion Attorneys

Working in a natural gas drilling industry is considered to be one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Drilling sites are hotbeds of activity and workers are constantly at risk for potential explosions, fires, toxic chemical and gas exposure, as well as potential injuries from operating gas well servicing rigs, loaders and any variety of heavy equipment and trucks. All it takes is one mishap or error in judgement or communication for an accident to occur.

Types and Causes of Natural Gas Explosions

The nature of the natural gas drilling creates many potential types of natural gas explosions. If you or a loved one has been injured in a natural gas explosion it is important to understand your rights to compensation. Types of natural gas explosions include:

  • Plant explosions
  • Gas generator explosions
  • Underground gas line explosions
  • Industrial vehicle gas explosions
  • Explosions caused by gas leaks
  • Flash fires caused by water heaters and adhesives

There are many factors that contribute to natural gas explosions. Often times these unfortunate accidents are preventable and if you are injured in an explosion we can help to determine the cause of the explosion and identify those responsible. Potential causes of explosions on a natural gas drilling site include:

  • Long working hours cause worker fatigue which can contribute to poor decision making.
  • Negligent hiring practices; the hiring of unskilled or poorly trained workers by companies.
  • Defective, worn, or improperly used equipment and safety devices.
  • Pressurized pipe explosions.
  • Lack of proper or non-existent management and supervision
  • Chemical burns, respiratory complications and various forms of cancer cause by exposure to toxic vapor and chemicals released from an explosion.
  • Poorly constructed or improperly placed lines can lead to future explosions, putting members of local communities at risk.
  • Inadequate inspection and/or maintenance of existing natural gas pipe lines.


Studies have found that people experiencing fatigue are typically more rigid in thinking and have greater difficulty responding to changing or abnormal circumstances and take longer to reason correctly. The long shifts often required by natural gas companies can be lead to worker fatigue and can negatively affect worker performance and can lead to increased explosion and accident rates.

Negligent Hiring Practices

When natural gas companies push for production rather than properly training new workers or insuring the experienced workers continue to work safely, the workers suffer. Natural gas companies do not always make safety the largest priority and should be held accountable for any injuries incurred from resulting explosions.

Defective, Worn, or Improperly Used Equipment

The equipment used for natural gas drilling must meet safety regulations and be subject to proper maintenance. If equipment is not properly cared for and regularly inspected for damage this equipment can malfunction, leading to dangerous explosions, fires, and accidents, putting workers at potential risk.

Natural Gas Explosion Injuries

Natural gas explosions can cause a number of injuries and disfigurements and may even result in fatalities. Colombo Law can help you receive the compensation you deserve for injuries or fatalities that result from a natural gas explosion. Contact a lawyer immediately if you or a loved one has suffered from one of the following injuries as a result of a natural gas explosion:

  • Severe burns due to explosions and the resulting fires.
  • Crushed limbs and amputations caused by the force of the explosion and/or falling debris.
  • Head trauma leading to brain and/or spinal cord injuries
  • Fatalities caused by explosions and the resulting burns or other injuries.
  • Hearing loss and ear damage from the high volume noise associated with drilling and resulting explosions.

Natural Gas Explosion Injury Compensation

Potential defendants in gas explosion cases begin their investigation very quickly, and it is important that the explosion victim or victim’s family also conduct a prompt investigation. If you, or a loved one, has been involved in a natural gas explosion it is very important to speak to a West Virginia natural gas lawyer. Insurance companies and gas mining operations will routinely attempt to save money by offering settlements worth far less than may be deserved.

At Colombo Law, our West Virginia natural gas explosion and injury attorneys have extensive experience handling workplace accident cases and we have a steady grasp on the different hazardous factors involved with the oil and gas industries. If you were injured in a gas drilling or explosion, it is essential to preserve your rights for compensation. Colombo Law, has a proven history of successfully representing victims of natural gas trucking accidents. Contact us at 304-599-4229 to find out how we can help you.