West Virginia Natural Gas Drilling Injury Attorneys

Working in a natural gas drilling industry is considered to be one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Drilling sites are hotbeds of activity, with a continual flow of trucks, machinery, heavy equipment, toxic chemicals and drilling equipment everywhere in sight. All it takes is one mishap or error in judgment or communication for an accident to occur.

Gas Drilling Accidents

Gas drilling accidents may have various causes, including:

  • Toxic chemical exposure
  • Unsafe working environment
  • Working environment not in compliance with required safety regulations
  • Falls from working on heightened drilling equipment
  • Methane gas exposure and explosions
  • Fires and explosions
  • Pressurized pipe explosions
  • Overworked and fatigued workers
  • Lack of proper or non-existent management and supervision
  • Defective, worn, or improperly used equipment and safety devices

If you are a worker in the gas fields for any extended period of time, you stand a significant chance of suffering some form of an injury and the chances are even greater that you have witnessed someone suffer a severe injury. Colombo Law is familiar with the dangers that natural drillers face on a daily basis. These dangers can include:

  • Burns derived from drill site fires and/or explosions.
  • Chemical spills can contaminate the local water supply causing poisoning and leading to long term health problems such as cancer.
  • Hearing loss and ear damage from the high volume noise associated with drilling.
  • Injuries to neck, back, and other body parts such as crushed limbs, amputations, or spinal injuries.
  • Blunt force head trauma which may cause brain injuries.
  • Chemical burns, respiratory complications and various forms of cancer cause by exposure to toxic vapor and chemicals.

Gas Field Accidents

Gas field accidents include, but are not limited to drill site fires, explosions, and chemical spills. Workers, as well as local residents in the area, that suffer from these accidents can be heavily affected. They can cost workers their livelihood and result in major pain and suffering.

Drill Site Fires

Failure to observe safety regulations and work site negligence can cause drill site fires. Burn injuries are among the most common types of harm inflicted by drill site fires and explosions. Fires may cause second or third-degree burns and may take weeks or even months to heal. Amputations, skin grafts, and even plastic surgery may be required to repair damages caused by drill site fires.


We understand the gas industry. Gas wells are under tons of pressure, which can create opportunities for explosions. You could also obtain serious injuries from operating gas well servicing rigs, loaders and any variety of heavy equipment and trucks. We can review your accident against safety regulations to help uncover not only what really happened, but also who is responsible.

Chemical Spills

The toxic nature of gas, oil and the various chemicals used in their extraction and treatment, means that any type of gas field accident poses a serious threat of dangerous exposure. Exposure to toxic vapor and chemicals, either due to a chemical spill or noxious smoke caused by drill site fires, can cause respiratory complications, chemical burns, and even cancer. The effects are not always immediate so it is important to contact a gas drilling attorney after any accident whether or not there are symptoms of injury.

Natural Gas Drilling Injury Compensation

The gas industry is growing in West Virginia, especially considering the Marcellus Gas Deposit. Natural gas drilling operations are noisy, dangerous places for gas workers as well as people who live near them. If you have sustained a gas drilling injury it is very important to speak to a West Virginia gas drilling lawyer. Insurance companies and gas mining operations will routinely attempt to save money by offering settlements worth far less than may be deserved. At Colombo Law, our West Virginia oil field accident attorneys have extensive experience handling workplace accident cases and we have a steady grasp on the different hazardous factors involved with the oil and gas industries. If you were injured in a gas drilling accident, it is essential to preserve your rights for compensation. Colombo Law, has a proven history of successfully representing victims of gas drilling accidents. Contact us at 304-599-4229 to find out how we can help you.