Locals know the West Virginia roads are not the best. Unfortunately this is true as West Virginia is ranking in the top 5 for both America’s deadliest roads and deadliest for DUI. That’s according to Reader’s Digest magazine, which assessed recent data on road and bridge conditions, congestion, spending on roads and overall safety.

No. 1 for deadly DUI drunk driving accidents was Montana, followed by South Carolina, Louisiana, Wyoming, and West Virginia at number 5.

No. 1 for deadliest roads was Montana followed by Louisiana, South Carolina, No. 4 West Virginia, and Arkansas.

Check out Reader’s Digest’s web site to see more details.

Hundreds of road construction and improvement projects underway in the state, according to the West Virginia Department of Transportation. But this introduces another potential problem: highway work zone car crash accidents.

Such fatal accidents claim more than 800 Americans each year, so it’s vital that drivers respect warning signs and cones that alert them to highway construction areas.

Meanwhile, Colombo Law Attorneys at Law encourages all West Virginians to respect road signs, road work and whatever it takes to travel safely from point A to point B. Your life, and others’ lives, can depend upon it. And if someone else injures you in a West Virginia car crash accident, perhaps we can help.

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