For many parents, the time has come to take their kids to college and anxiously drive away without them, unsure of what the year will hold. Many are concerned about leaving their children for the first time on their own, whether their children will meet new friends, and how their children will do in school. However, the top concern for most parents is often the safety of their children. The attorneys at Colombo Law wants you and your loved ones to be safe as they embark on this adventure. That is why we want to offer some college safety tips here. While there are many safety tips to discuss with your child, our attorneys would like you to consider consent, campus safety, and alcohol use as high priority topics.

Speak with Your Child About Consent

Most teenagers, especially college aged teens, want to celebrate the fact that they are officially adults. Most parents are all too familiar with the stage of knowing a lot and hearing very little. However, it is important to talk to your child about consent. Having a clear understanding about what consent means by discussing what constitutes consent and what does not constitute consent can help your child understand what unwanted sexual contact is. Although it is likely that your child has already had some type of conversation about consent, the conversation is still necessary, especially when that child is heading off to college.

Speak with Your Child About Campus Safety

It is also important to discuss campus safety with your loved one. There are many different things to discuss with your child about campus safety, such as traveling through campus safely. Talk to your child about the importance of traveling in groups, especially late at night. Traveling in groups protects your child from assaults on campus and other dangers. In fact, your child is safer when traveling in groups and is less likely to be the victim of an attack.

Discuss Responsible Alcohol Use

Our attorneys know that underage drinking is illegal. But, alcohol use as a college freshman happens often. While some parents may choose to discuss alcohol use as a complete prohibition, the conversations surrounding alcohol use should also include drinking responsibly and knowing when to say no more. This goal is to help your college aged child know about one’s maximum limits and avoid alcohol poisoning or other alcohol related illnesses.

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