Top Causes of Food Poisoning

Every year, more than 48 million Americans contract food poisoning while eating food obtained from restaurants, fast food locations, or supermarkets. In many cases, unsuspecting victims can quickly tell that they are experiencing food poisoning as they have severe pain in the abdomen accompanied by lethargy, bloating, diarrhea, chills, dehydration, sweating, and more. The unfortunate part of food poisoning is that there usually is not treatment that is required; victims often just ride the horrible wave of illness until the effects leave their bodies. However, in some instances food poisoning is particularly severe and can lead to fatal consequences.

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Foodborne Outbreaks

Many individuals are aware of the foodborne illness that resulted last year when individuals from several states became ill and contracted e-coli after visiting their local Chipotle restaurants. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common to those who commonly investigate food related illness. In cases where restaurants use one supplier to obtain their food supplies, the food related illness may become widespread, like in the case of Chipotle.

Improper Food Handling

In restaurants in particular, when one food source is contaminated, it quickly spreads to other foods sources by way of cross-contamination. Cross-contamination is how bacteria is spread when juices from raw meats or germs from unclean objects meet prepared foods. While restaurant workers are expected to be trained on the dangers of improper food handling and cross contamination, there are still countless restaurants that do not follow the recommended practices to properly handle food.

Prompt Investigation in Food Related Illnesses

When a food related illness occurs, a prompt investigation is necessary to determine the cause of your illness. This is a difficult process, especially in isolated incidents of food poisoning. For this reason, the help of an experienced attorney is necessary. Our attorneys know the right questions to ask and the measures that must be taken to obtain the truth. If your food related illness is the result of negligence, our attorneys want to help you navigate through a personal injury claim against any negligent parties.

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