Tips to Stay Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy. However, for many, holiday plans change quickly when a loved one gets rushed to a hospital from an injury. Many are injured during the holiday season from slips and falls and other incidents associated with holiday lights. The attorneys at Colombo Law, LLC want everyone’s holiday to go off without a hitch. That is why we want to share some common reasons for injuries, tips to stay safe, and the place to contact if you think your injury has resulted from the intentional or negligent conduct of someone else. Our experienced attorneys will look at the source of your injury to determine if you or your loved one have a claim.

Slip and Falls

While hanging lights indoors and outdoors can light up your home and neighborhood, making the holiday season come alive, it can also be a great source of danger. Slip and falls from winter weather are common during this time as many attempt to alter the appearances of their homes. Falls from ladders are also common. To stay safe this holiday season, wear the proper outdoor shoes that can handle the bad weather conditions. In addition, if on ladders, be sure to:

  • Never go higher than the second step from the top. If you cannot reach where you need to, get a taller ladder;
  • Use the lock on your ladder if one is available;
  • Maintain your ladder and replace if anything appears to be broken;

Other Injuries

Some other common injuries associated with holiday lights are burns from fires. Holiday lights frequently catch fire on trees, heat sources, and near outlets. To obtain the maximum level of safety you should keep lights away from all heat sources such as fireplaces. In addition, unplug Christmas trees when no one is available to see or hear when something goes wrong.

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