Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe This Summer

Summertime is an exciting time to explore your community and complete many outdoor activities that allow you to enjoy the sun and spend time with your family and friends. Whether your activities include bicycling around your neighborhood, going for a swim in a community pool or lake, or taking a hike through the woods or in the back yard, you are going to want to take some precautionary measures to ensure your summer is a memorable one. Unfortunately, the risk of injury increases during the summer months due to increased outdoor and physical activity. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident due to a negligent act of another individual, you should be sure to speak with an experienced attorney at Colombo Law today.

Bicycle Safety

Bicycling is a great physical activity and can serve as a great summertime activity. However, cyclists should be extremely careful to avoid injury. Each year many cyclists are injured in collisions with other motorists. Getting hit by a motor vehicle while on a bicycle has caused serious bodily injuries and fatalities to many individuals. Many cyclists indicate that most accidents are caused by mistakes made by drivers. However, there are some things that may help prevent an accident and save your life, such as:

  • Expect unpredictable motorist actions by giving yourself extra room;
  • Use hand signals;
  • Avoid driving at nighttime as visibility is significantly reduced;

Water Safety

Jumping or diving in a pool, lake, or ocean is a fun filled way to beat the heat each summer. However, despite the popularity of recreational water activities, drownings are unfortunately common causing three deaths each day of the summer months. According to the CDC, you can make sure you and your loved one are safe by:

  • Watching children as they are in or around the water, as a split second is all it takes for an accident to occur;
  • Ensure that your loved one wears a properly fitted life vest each time they are on the water;
  • Read or take a course on how to properly perform CPR;

Insect Control and Safety

Insects including mosquitoes, ants, ticks, and spiders can find their way onto your kids while enjoying the most enjoyable summer activities. While some bites can be a minor annoyance, others can lead to serious illness. Be sure to keep your child safe by:

  • Ensuring your animals have the proper flea and tick preventative;
  • Applying insect repellant on you and your loved ones while outdoor;
  • Ensure the proper removal of any ticks that are on you or your loved one;

Contact an Attorney Today

When your summertime fun activity turns into a tragic injury, you need to speak with an experienced attorney to determine your rights to compensation. Colombo Law is an experienced personal injury law firm who will vigorously represent you in your personal injury action against a negligent party. For a no-risk initial consultation, contact Colombo Law today.

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