Colombo Law recently completed a 12 week video series titled “Legally Speaking” that was televised on WDTV. The series was aimed to help consumers make informed decisions regarding a variety of  legal issues.

Each week we focused on a different topic aimed to help inform the viewing public. We started off by discussing how our law firm handles cases and explained how to make informed decisions that will be financially sound .

In week 2, the topic was “Who do you call first after an accident?” providing valuable information regarding the appropriate steps to take after a car, truck or motorcycle accident.

Week 3 covered “How cases get resolved.” The discussion centered around the difference between settlements and cases that go to trial.

Next we discussed “Insurance coverage.” Types of coverages, limits of liability, state minimum coverage, the uninsured and the underinsured were covered.

In week 5 we introduced our exclusive “eCase Status” system that allows us to provide near real time updates to our clients’ cases 24/7 via our website.

Our website was the week 6 topic, which currently features answers to Frequently Asked Questions and other useful information that can be accessed anytime for free.

The next topic was “Medical payments coverage” on your automobile insurance policy and how it can help when you are involved in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accidents led the discussion in week 8. We talked about how motorcycle accidents can be among the worst accidents, especially when the accident involves a car or truck.

Have you ever thought to yourself “Do I need a lawyer?” We discussed how a qualified and trusted attorney will handle your case and can help you get through your situation in the best possible way.

Week 10 we covered health insurance and medical expenses after an accident. Who pays the bills before your case is resolved?

One of the questions we get asked most often is “How much is my case worth?”. We cover this topic in order for you to make a better informed decision regarding your situation.

In the final episode, the advice given was “Hire an experienced lawyer that is looking out for your interests”

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