Jon Michael Moore Trauma Center Annual Night of Recognition

Dino Colombo of Colombo Law attended the Jon Michael Moore Trauma Center Night of Recognition Thursday evening. This event honored individuals in our communities who help trauma patients along their road to recovery.

Over the last five years, the WVU Medicine Jon Michael Moore Trauma Center has recognized 13 patients, who, with the help of numerous individuals across the entire spectrum of their care, have gone on to become living miracles. On Thursday, Oct. 1, four more patients joined their ranks during the Sixth Annual Night of Recognition.

Alison Wilson, Director of the Jon Michael Moore Trauma Center said:

“It’s just a really rewarding experience and to have that kind of meaningful work is just something that I get to see and I wanted to share with others, So we’re here to thank all the people for all their hard work, being on the front lines and often times being the people who don’t get to see the long-term outcome.

The proceeds from the Night of Recognition provide funds to the School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery to help support the life-saving work of the JMMTC.

One of the 2014 Honorees is a Colombo Law client who was severely injured in a car accident. Here is a video of her story.

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