How to Spot a Drunk Driver on Independence Day and Everyday

Drunk Drivers kill thousands of individuals each year. Although criminal charges can be imposed against a drunk driver, they will never bring back the life that was needlessly lost. Knowing how to spot the signs of an intoxicated driver and ensuring that you take prompt action may help save a life. However, in the event an injury results from an intoxicated driver, you may be entitled to compensation. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or incident in the state of West Virginia, contact Colombo Law to determine your rights to compensation.

Warning Signs of Intoxicated Drivers

Most often, intoxicated drivers are spotted while operating a vehicle. The number one way to spot an intoxicated driver is finding that the operator of the vehicle is driving erratically. Sudden shifts between lanes, unexplained braking, and the shifting in a zigzag pattern within the lane (like a weaving pattern) are possible signs of intoxication. Many intoxicated drivers cannot successfully get to their destination without striking another object or person. If you see the operator strike several objects, especially nonmoving objects, the driver is likely intoxicated. Intoxicated drivers present a dangerous road hazard to yourself and others, so you should be prepared to react when you see an intoxicated driver.

What to Do When You See a Drunk Driver

When you encounter an intoxicated driver, the most important thing to remember is not to compromise your safety for another individual. You should stay as far away from the driver as possible. Do not attempt to pass the driver even if you are in a passing zone. Passing an intoxicated driver could cause a collision due to unexpected swerving and sudden movements.

If you do see an intoxicated driver, be sure to contact local law enforcement. Observe any street signs or intersections as well as the direction of travel to inform law enforcement personnel. You should never try to flag down an intoxicated driver as doing so could cause injury to yourself, the intoxicated driver, and others around you. If the license plate is visible, try to record the license plate number along with the type of vehicle the driver is operating.

Contact Colombo Law

During holidays, the chance of encountering a drunk driver increases significantly. However, regardless of the time, an injury or loss of a loved one is a devastating encounter. To lose a parent, child, sister or brother in a drunk driving compromises the stability of the family. If you have suffered from one of these losses, you should speak with an experienced attorney at Colombo Law to determine your rights to relief. During your initial consultation, we will gather the facts and circumstances of your case to determine all of your available avenues of relief. Our firm represents clients in and around Morgantown, Fairmont, Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Kingwood, Grafton, Weston, Philippi, Buckhannon, Elkins, Parkersburg, as well as Monongalia County, Marion County, Harrison County, Preston County, Taylor County, and Lewis County. We look forward to assisting you with your claim.

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