Head-on Collisions in WV

Every year there are thousands of motor vehicle accidents in the state of West Virginia. During these accidents, some are fortunate enough to escape with little to no injuries. However, other car accident victims are not so lucky, and endure sevre injuries. While it is a known fact that motor vehicle accidents can be fatal, there are many different types of accidents that occur where all parties involved survive despite their severity. Head-on collisions are unique accidents where the point of contact between the vehicles is at the front ends of the two vehicles. In these often tragic accidents, the likelihood of survival is slim. If you have been injured or your loved one has been injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident in the state of West Virginia, contact Colombo Law for a risk-free initial consultation.

Common Causes of Head-on Collisions

The causes of head-on collisions vary widely and range from simple mishaps to reckless conduct sufficient to constitute a disregard for the welfare of others. Our attorneys have found that some common causes of head-on collisions involve a driver traveling the wrong direction on the wrong side of the road. Some common reasons for these accidents include:

  • Following directions of a GPS device: While GPS devices can be a great resource when traveling through unfamiliar territory, they are also a main cause of accidents. The problem with many GPS devices is that they are often outdated. When this occurs, GPS devices do not reflect current road conditions, a change in the law, or construction. Drivers often disregard roadway signs or the “common sense factor” and travel down roadways that are restricted, labeled as a one-way, or unsafe for travel when blindly following their GPS devices. While these are just a few of the ways that a GPS device can lead to unintentional accidents, they all have the potential to spark a personal injury claim for negligence.
  • Improper of Insufficient Signage: Many individuals often assert that they were not aware that the roadway was a one-way road. In doing so, the most common claims are that the signage is in a bad location or was partially or fully blocked, preventing the driver from seeing the sign.
  • Impaired Driving: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol significantly impairs your ability to drive. A majority of wrong way collisions occur as a result of impaired driving.

Head-on Collision Attorneys

In all personal injury cases, the plaintiff bears the burden of proving that the defendant acted negligently, which caused the damages for which the plaintiff seeks monetary compensation. While proving negligence in wrong way collisions can be relatively straight forward, negligence in head-on collisions is generally difficult to prove. This is especially the case when no witnesses are present. Regardless of whether your case seems straightforward or challenging, having the assistance of one of our experienced attorneys is the best way to ensure all of the necessary protocols are followed. It is also one of the best ways to ensure that you and your loved ones obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

The attorneys at Colombo Law are experienced personal injury attorneys who have handled thousands of car accident claims, obtaining relief for thousands of our clients. Contact us today so one of our attorneys can assist you in your personal injury claim.

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