Gym Injuries: What You Need to Know

Many individuals frequent gyms as a way to release energy, lose weight, or increase their overall health. Fitness centers grow in popularity each year as additional facilities appear in neighborhoods across America. Despite the intended use of increasing one’s overall health, gyms often have the opposite effect for many individuals. Each year, thousands of individuals are injured in gyms across America leaving them with serious health consequences. If you or a loved one has been injured at a gym facility in West Virginia, contact Colombo Law for a free initial case review.

Common Gym Injuries

Health club injuries range in severity and may include:

  • Skin infections: Skin infections commonly occur in gym facilities. This type of injury sometimes occurs as a result of improper cleaning of exercise equipment or the facility itself including shower rooms, tanning beds, and saunas. Gyms are required to sanitize their fitness centers and equipment throughout the day. However, many facilities are open 24 hours a day and do not have staff members present at times outside of their most busy business hours. This creates increased hazards for skin infections.
  • Bodily injury as a result of a slip trip or fall: Fitness equipment such as dumbbells, ropes, and weights are often left out after use, creating a tripping hazard for other patrons.
  • Bodily injury as a result of faulty exercise equipment: When equipment malfunctions, gym owners are required to alert customers in an effort to avoid future injuries. However, some fitness centers fails to warn customers with appropriate signage resulting in injuries that could have been avoided.

Fitness center injuries include fractured or broken bones, torn ligaments, and trauma to the head or chest. The costs associated with a gym injury will quickly add up. If you or your loved ones are finding yourselves on the brink of financial ruin due to an unexpected gym injury, let one of our attorneys help you recover compensation.

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