General Motors Recall Affects Millions

Recently General Motors issued a recall for approximately 11 different vehicles models in the Buick, Cheverolet, GMC, and Cadillac brand that span over multiple years, between 2014 and the latest 2017 models. The recall was issued after an airbag failed to deploy in an accident, resulting in at least one death. There are also problems with a seat belt mechanism in some models failing to protect as intended in the event of an accident. In a statement, a General Motors representative indicated that the “root of the problem was the car’s sensing and diagnostic module – a tiny computer that senses what the vehicle is doing and controls airbag deployment – can go into test mode, causing the front airbags to remain intact and the seat belts to malfunction when an accident occurs.”

The General Motors recall is but one in a list of many product recalls each year. Take, for instance, the product defects that have been linked to Samsung phones, which have been catching on fire and causing damages. Product recall is an attempt at preventing further harm when a defect or malfunction occurs. However, this offers no comfort to those who have already been injured and had their lives disrupted.

If you or your loved one was injured by a defective product, you deserve compensation. The attorneys at Colombo Law have the experienced you need to diligently represent you or your loved ones for their injury. During an initial consultation, one of our attorneys will review the facts and circumstances of your case to determine the best course of action.

What is a Products Liability Claim?

When a company places a defective product on the market that causes injury, the company can and should be held responsible for the injuries caused. Products liability lawsuits allow many or all parties who take part in the manufacturing and distribution of that product to be held responsible for the damage that was caused. There are many different theories for which a products liability claim can be brought, which will depend on the facts and circumstances of a case. In addition, there are several different types of defects that can occur which give rise to the products liability claim. To maximize your probability of recovery and monetary award, each claim and theory must be looked at along with the parties that should be included and held liable.

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