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Nine year old Alex Nelson of Harman suffered third degree burns to more than 60 percent of his body on Feb. 28, 2010, after spraying the product, “Natural Fire Starter Gel” onto smoldering kindling wood in his family’s fireplace. According to his attorney, Dino Colombo, Nelson, who was seven at the time, was attempting to restart a fire in the fireplace so he could roast marshmallows. As he sprayed the product onto the kindling, flames traveled up the stream of gel and into the bottle causing the bottom of the bottle to explode in his hands, burning him severely. Colombo said Nelson was transported to Davis Memorial Hospital in Elkins, moved to West Penn Burn Center in Pittsburgh, Pa. and finally to the Shriners’ Hospital in Ohio for surgery. Colombo said, “It was devastating. This is the definition of suffering.”

On the positive note, Colombo says, “Alex is an amazing kid. He is back to school in Harman and doing reasonably well. The school teachers have been wonderful to him.” Colombo stated the communities of Tucker and Randolph Counties have rallied around this little boy and been very supportive. “They have been wonderful to him.”

Nelson continues to be treated for his injuries by doctors at Shriners’ Hospital. According to Colombo, although he will face treatments and surgeries for the rest of his life, Nelson does not necessarily continue to be in pain. The treatments and surgeries are used to allow flexibility and reduce scarring as he continues to grow. He added, “Most don’t survive what he has been through.”

Nelson’s family is pursuing a civil case against the manufacturers of the product, the bottle and the cap. He said this is a dangerous product, which is still available at Walmart. The case will be heard by the Federal District Court in Elkins.

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