My law firm has represented numerous car accident victims who have sustained life-altering injuries. We know how dangerous driving can be and how important it is to be as safe as possible. Of course, you can't completely control what happens when you're on the road, but you can take action against aggressive driving.

There are two parts to combating the effects of aggressive driving – being polite behind the wheel and backing off from aggressive drivers. According to AAA, aggressive driving can double your chances of getting into a car accident, so observing the following rules can make a big difference in everyone's safety on the road:

Being a Polite Driver

  • Don't block or drive under speed limits in passing lanes.
  • Don't fill more than one parking space.
  • Never tailgate (this is a major cause of rear-end collisions).
  • Avoid yelling out of your window.
  • Don't speed up when someone tries to merge into your lane.

Avoid Aggressive Drivers

  • Let aggressive drivers win the driving "battle" – there's no point in fighting them.
  • Don't challenge them by honking your horn, racing, or flashing your lights.
  • Avoid making eye contact.
  • Ignore gestures and don't return them.
  • Report unsafe driving to law enforcement.

And remember, you should always wear your seat belt and avoid talking and texting when you drive.

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