Over the past several years, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has implemented a several new safety measures designed to make roads safer and reduce the overall number of fatal car accidents.

Most recently, the agency introduced a new – and more rigorous – safety rating system for all new vehicles that utilizes both a family of crash test dummies and a side impact test.

In light of these new safety measures, is not unreasonable to expect that the rate of fatalities on U.S. highways should eventually decline rather sharply?

According to recent statements by a high-ranking official at the NHTSA, this is precisely what happened just last year.

Deputy Administrator Ronald Medford recently informed Wards Auto that a soon-to-be released 2010 NHTSA report will reveal that 32,788 people were killed in car crashes in 2010.

This constitutes a rather significant reduction from 2009, a year in which there were approximately 33,808 fatalities, and the smallest amount of fatal car crashes in over sixty years.

Medford attributed much of the reduction to the aforementioned new vehicle safety rating system and the continued development of certain crash-avoidance technologies.

He also went on the state that while the agency is pleased with the overall reduction in fatalities, more work must be done by government officials and major players in the private sector – car manufacturers and handheld device manufacturers – to eliminate the constant threat of distracted driving (i.e. talking and texting while driving).

“We have challenged the auto industry and the cell phone industry to work collaboratively with us to keep the driver focus on their required task – driving – and to keep them safe.”

Interestingly, Medford also indicated that the NHTSA will be working closely with carmakers to ensure that efforts made to improve gas mileage don’t compromise vehicle safety.

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