Many in West Virginia are familiar with MountainFest, the annual motorcycle rally that occurs in Morgantown in July. People from across the state gather in Morgantown to share their passion for motorcycles, see bands perform, check out motorcycle accessories and custom bikes, compete in contests and take part in a parade.

When thousands of motorcyclists congregate in one area, the chance of a motorcycle accident happening increases.

In an additional attempt to help preserve the safety of motorcyclists on our roadways, the National Transportation Safety Board has added motorcyclists to their “most wanted” list. This list aims to raise awareness about the dangers that surround these drivers. Motorists hold a lot of responsibility in keeping these motorists safe.

From 1997 to 2009, the number of yearly motorcycle deaths doubled from 2,116 to 4,462. It is estimated that about 12 motorcyclists were killed our roadways every day. Even though these motorists only make up about 3 percent of the vehicles on our nation’s roads, they account for nearly 15 percent of highway fatalities.

We offer these tips to motorists to help keep motorcycle riders safe on our roadways:

  • Don’t follow too closely behind a motorcycle. They oftentimes have difficulty stopping on slippery, wet pavement.
  • Allow a motorcycle to occupy the entire lane. Do not share lanes with these motorists.
  • Turn signals on motorcycles are not always self-canceling. Make sure that a motorcyclist’s signal is for real.
  • Motorcyclists are likely to slow down their bike by downshifting instead of using the brake. Downshifting does not activate the brake light. Don’t follow too closely.
  • Always assume that a motorcyclist is farther away than they actually are.
  • Check and double check your blind spots. Because of their small size, bikes are easily lost in a vehicle’s blind spots.


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