What Are the Ohio Accident Reporting Requirements?

Man filling out an accident report | Colombo Law

The Ohio accident reporting requirements must be followed closely by anyone involved in a crash. While not all accidents need to be reported to the police, failure to follow the law can lead to serious […]

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What Is the Accident Law in Ohio?

Front-end damage to a car after an accident | Colombo Law

It is extremely important to have a thorough knowledge of the accident law in Ohio if you or someone you love suffers injury (or worse) in a crash. Most people lack the in-depth understanding of […]

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Do I Need a Lawyer for My Car Crash?

two cars involved in a front-end crash

Hiring a lawyer isn’t always necessary after a car accident. That said, handling a claim on your own can be difficult when you are also trying to focus on recovering from your injuries and getting […]

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Car Accident Statistics in Columbus

evening traffic in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Car Crashes by the Numbers: How Many, Which Kinds, and When They Happen People have been writing about traffic accidents since the dawn of the motor vehicle. And yet, all these years later, the […]

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What to Do If Your Car Has a Recall


You could be driving a ticking time bomb and not know it if you purchased a pre-owned vehicle with a recall or missed a manufacturer’s recall notice. Although 30 million to 50 million cars have […]

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